2nd T2N Glimpses

Official Result HERE.

Thanks to Jess Agoo/HOB!
Thanks to Berns Ong!
Thanks to Carlo Serrano!
Thanks to Berns Ong!
Thanks to Team USB
Thanks to Joy Pambid Vargas!
Thanks to Bave Dela Cruz/Team CB!
Thanks to TheCuriousRunner!

Captured one of my walk breaks…Happy to be!

Thanks to HOB!
Thanks to HOB!

Oh yeah. I love to run. I walk when I can’t. I do whenever I can. 

Thanks to Mayor Alfaro! 🙂 Very nice shot!
Thanks to Team USB!
Thanks to Team USB!
Thanks to Team USB! (Near the Finish Line)
Thanks to Evelyn Mondragon-Lopez/HOB!
Thanks to JOJO! Team USB!

Ok. I was not looking…Still, a nice shot!

Thanks to Cindy Sevilla! Sinuman nagshotnito = Salamat! OO, kulelat ako!
Thanks to Berns Ong!
After the Orange Parade. Thanks to Carlo Serrano!
Better time, better ranking COMPARED TO last year.

I was on self-support.  I consumed 3 sachets of extra joss, 1 ovaltine (which the wind blew on my face and shirt), 1 small pack of raisins, 1 pack of 3 choco chips, 1 small bottle of explode and 1 bottle of water – which I refilled from lots of kind friends along the road. In all probability they are also the ones I am giving thanks to in the above photos.

Self-support is really doable – only IF you are willing to accept that when you have no more water and you need some – you have to accept the offers along the road. 

It means, DON’T be shy. Friends are already there offering the water. The softdrinks. The food. Almost anything! Even water spray and sponge and wet towel. It makes no sense ignoring the kind offer when you are in need of one.

God Bless them. By God’s loving grace and mercy, I made it.

Praise be to the Lord, our God!