PART 2: BDM 160K run for the buckle 2012

…and so it was done. I finished and crossed the finish line within the cut-off time of 30 hours.

29:34:22 – record says.

So going back, let me introduce you first to my crew.

Mike Paruginog, the other-half of Jamie. With his Pamaypay na Chocolate…yes, that big!
KM 102 Pacer CJ Paran, and Chief support crew Boo Toledo
My Crew = Boo, CJ, Mike and Jamie

We left home base in Paco, Manila @ about 8pm. via SCTEX, we went straight to Villa Imperial where the Team Boring group of runners and support are staying. It was quite a fast ride. We reached the destination @ about before 2am.

When we got there, Rod and Sid is already up. I tried to take a short nap before breakfast. Some rice and corned beef + instant coffee completed the meal.

After the fast meal, we all fixed up for the race. I changed gear too. It was a cool morning in Bataan.

We proceeded to the starting line. Lots of picture taking and short chats.

Boring Runners
Batch of 2012 BDM 160K Warriors @ the Starting Line
Photo Credit : Elaine Mirabueno Botabara
Team Boring Runners and Support Crews

Since I didn’t eat that much since KM 00, but lived only with some shots of MOO Choco Drink, I ate half serving of an Arroz Caldo @ Past KM 102 where we stopped to rest.

@Angeles City, I think…Is where I’ve had my first taste of real food. A hot Jollibee Macaroni Soup. I ate it like iI haven’t eaten for a year.

After that, we kept moving. Reminiscing about where we stopped and at what time last year.

It was @ a gasoline station near Bamban Bridge where I declared to CJ that we are sure to make it on time this time. Simply because we were running and taking only minor short stops.

@past McDonalds Capaz, I think it’s Del Pilar St., we short-stopped for a while. I ate another serving of HOT Jollibee Macaroni Soup.

Thanks to my crew. Their concern is way above me.

After this, making sure that I am sure to enter the time within cut-off, I tried to keep a good pace of continuous short runs with minor walk breaks until I see the road markers – where I would calculate exactly how far we are.

Then I saw it. KM 109. That’s 118-109+6 = 15 KMs pa!

I remembered a lot of passing car as we ran. Lots of well-wishers and happy friends shouting like crazy. Then Chito Carreon, with the JazzRunner stopped to say: ” kaya pa, pare, kung hahatawin.”

Well, that made a lot of sense. Thanks, Chito!

So we continued. This time, no more stopping. Pacing keeps getting faster @ this point.

I was determined to make it fast. It didn’t occur to me that I could even go faster. Right at the gate of the National Shrine, I changed the pace. This time, a bit faster than my slow run. LOLz 😛

Well I prayed almost all the conscious time I have running.

I thank God for the gift of strength.

I asked God to allow me to continue and make it on time.

I asked God to take away my pains – for they are many.

So upon seeing where I am @ that point of the run, with 11K to go, I sped up. Minor very short walk breaks to drink only because the sun is up and it’s really hot.

Boo ahead of me

Last 4K, i changed shirt. Took off my hat too, and bathed myself in cold water.

Last 1K with CJ soaking the towel in cold water. He carried that 1.5L running!

This shoe has only the blue foot brace and my feet inside. No socks at all!

I think this is where I shifted direction to avoid my son – who’s running fast directly to me!

2/5 more push…more air please!
3/5 more push @ this point!
5/5 Shout for joy! Thanks be to God!
The Actual Route. Just so those who are wondering may know.

Well, I have no coach to thank. 🙂 Only God!

I coach myself, and He is my consultant.

I prepared my own training, periodization and work-outs. Only a loving God, who is ALMIGHTY by the way can give such grace. Yes, I coach other people too.

So to God, our Father, the Almighty One, and to our Lord Jesus, together with the Holy Spirit I offer up this accomplishment.

Praise be to Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

(didn’t I mention that I went to confession last January 26, 2012?) 🙂