My very first race:

I ran my first 5KM during the Globe Run For Home last March 21, 2010 with the time of  33 minutes. It was my curiosity that drives me to join this race.

My Best time in a marathon:

Manila International Marathon; Official time: 04:39:22

(Kulang daw yung distance pero Personal Record pa rin compare sa first Marathon ko na 4:55:12)

Running Statistics – Marathon vs Ultra: 3-6

3 Marathons:

  1. Condura Skyway Marathons (Feb 2011)
  2. Milo Elims Marathon (July 2011)
  3. Manila International Marathon (Sept 2011)

6 ultramarathons:

  1. PAU 60K Fort Magsaysay Ultra Marathon Challenge
  2. PAU 65K Western Pangasinan Ultra Run
  3. 2nd PAU 50K T2N Run
  4. Fatass 2012 24-hours category (101KM)
  5. 4th BDM102K (2012).
  6. Mayon 360 80KM

The reason why I run:

I started running 2 years ago. I was a volleyball player back then, and during my cross-training days, my gym mate invited me to join a fun run dubbed as RUN FOR HOME 2010. I was encouraged, and decided to join to support the project for humanity. It was then that I decided to be involved in running, for self achievements and also for a healthy lifestyle. It is also a fulfillment for me every time I finish a race. In running, I was able to meet people with common interests but with different profession. The friendship and camaraderie in this small community puts it to the top of my list.

In your opinion, what’s the big difference between Marathon and a 50K ultra in terms of Preparation and Actual Racing?

There isn’t much difference between preparing for a marathon and a 50K ultra marathon. I try to do 40-60km/week (sometimes higher than 60KM) in distance of running for both races to build my endurance.  Though for marathons, I might include some speed training, interval and tempo runs with rest day in between.  For ultra marathon, I try to do back to back LSD runs or 2 consecutive days of running before resting. It helps my muscles get used to fatigue. Just like what I did before I run my first 60KM Ultra Marathon in Fort Magsaysay last July 2011.

During my trainings, I do 60KM run like the C-loop Challenge. I run in different types of weather conditions and different kinds of terrain. Most of the time, I train alone even in the middle of the night.

In Ultra marathons, speed is not a necessity that is why I train at my comfortable pace. Power walk (known within Team Boring as the ROD WALK) is also a part of my training.

During the actual race, I find full marathons to be in a controlled environment though I’m not looking at it to be easier than an ultra marathon. There are kilometer markers on the route, well-wishers around, marshals/traffic enforcers to guide runners, you have a lot of runner all around that can help/pace with you during the race and of course, water/aid stations every 2-3 km.

For me, ultra marathon is more of a mental game/race since there are factors you have to take into consideration like support crew stops, hydration and nutritional intake. You also have to focus and be aware of the incoming traffic if it’s on a road. During my run in ultra marathon I always focus on my pace and never get affected on who is the strongest runner in front of me. Mind setting is what I do to help me finish the race within the cut-off time even if I am the last runner.

Everybody has their own opinion but for me, ultra marathon composing of about 10-20% of the total participants of full marathons, the friendship and camaraderie in this small community is what matters most.

What is your most memorable race, and why?

The most memorable race for me was the 2012 edition of Bataan Death March – 102K Ultra marathon, after supporting Coach Mar on his Bataan 160K from the previous year. My ultimate goal was to be able to finish the BDM102 with the shortest time possible. I trained hard and gave all my efforts for this event, that’s why I got very emotional after finishing the race in a well deserved 40th place with a time of 15 hours. For me, it was definitely a test of ones strength, capability and will to finish the race. It was also a race that I had full support from MAYOR CJ TEAM (COACH MAR, DOC TOTO, THEI SANGRADOR, HUGO TANDO, KUYA THE DRIVER). Well, the BDM 102 is a self achievement for me and something I am very proud of, but now I am aiming for the BDM 160K edition.

never mind the boy at the background
the afternoon prior to the race
@KM 72 if Im not mistaken
Satisfied and Happy
Mayor CJ Team

7 Most recent races:

  1. 01.07.12 Fat Ass 24hr Category – 101K
  2. 03.03.12 4th Bataan Death March Ultramarathon – 102K
  3. 04.21.12 Mayon360 – 80K
  4. 04.29.12 Hyundai: Run For A Cause – 10K
  5. 06.17.12 RUN UNITED 2012 – 21K
  6. 06.30.12 ANR FUN RUN 2012 -5K
  7. 07.01.12 PATAFA ROAD RACE (21K)

Team Affiliation:

One of ANR MOA’s pansit session

Team Moa

Team Boring

Team Breathe Hope

I have only a few words for this guy.

  • Very patient
  • Very cool
  • Very compassionate

..and that is just as a person. I have known CJ for quite some time now. He has so much passion for running.

I think this is the first day I met them @ANR MOA
Long run to Tagaytay
Starting Point @ Dasmarinas
Taught them some things @ Vito Cruz PSC Oval
Long Run from MOA to Cavite City
Special Session @ CCP: Taught them some things.
Special Session @ ULTRA: Taught them some things..
My LONE pacer from KM 102 to KM 150 @BDM 160K 2012
(imagine the patience and the strength of this guy)
Train Buddy last Mayon 360 50-miler: Chance passenger able to secure a ticket on a fully booked trip back to Manila.

and yes, he trains so hard it shows on his BDM 102K finish time.

A salute to a great guy!


The Haunting

This post took me quite a while.

I wanted an accurate report. To do that, I have to get the records from my support.

But then it’s haunting.

By haunting, I mean:

Why so? Let me recount the story.

25 FEBRUARY 2011

The Team picked me up at home. Lots of bags to bring. After getting through the traffic, we had lunch at Topher’s house. By mid afternoon, we’re at where we are last year.

Same Spot Last Year Before 2nd BDM 102 of 2010

After a couple more hours we are at Villa Imperial. Our choice of place to rest before the big event. The same spot where we are last year too. After the restless afternoon, some chat and dinner, we tried to sleep. I think I barely did. But then I was told I snored. Everybody tells the same story to everybody. LOL

26 FEBRUARY 2011

After an early breakfast, we headed to the starting line. As expected, it’s crowded. Full of smiling faces. Lots of familiar faces. The same family of ultrarunners plus some more brave new warriors. It was a happy morning. Filled with so much fun and excitement. After all, this is the 1st longest ultramarathon in the Philippines.

After the singing of the national anthems, the race started. Everybody was just all smiles. It was a pleasant morning for a gruelling day.

I intend to stick to my race plan of 6 kilometers per hour. But then the team moved faster than expected. Even the first 7K which we agreed to walk became a run/walk already. Took us only 48 minutes for the first 6 kilometers. And it was just a casual jog and never ending walk-conversation along the route.

>>> FIRST 50KMS <<<

There's was just really no struggle for me up to the Km 50 posts. I was able to catch up with the team already resting there @7 hours and 51 minutes. Still a better time compared to last year's.

Wincing and Smiling and Posing at the same time

When all’s ready, we proceeded. That’s after we agreed to walk the whole of the next 10 kilometers. It was too hot and it’s wise to walk. The “ROD WALK”.

>>> NEXT 52 KMS <<<

Vener captured the moment. And Team Ungas was just there too.


At about KM 66 to KM 70, I got a painful cramps on my lower thighs. Both leg. It was a minor one but it's not comfortable. So SID Apolinario, one the ultraboredsupport volunteered to give it some relief.

I also made the mistake of changing shoes at this point. I later regretted it.

From Supernova Glide to ADIZero F50
The AdiZero F50 ready for battle

Well, for all it’s worth, I was able to catch up on any lost time (and there was none! hic! ~ ) with this shoes.

When the sun disappeared and darkness covered the road, it is also the time I got to get the better of my strength. 🙂

I walked at near KM 90 alongside Jeff. At about the last 8 kilometers, I was just slowly racing alongside Atty Haide. I remember it well when she tagged me along to run the last 5 kilometers to KM 102. I left her and pushed myself at the last 3. Good for me.

But then another mistake.

#1 I stopped @102K, right at a time when I am all fired up and heated to run.
#2 I changed gear. I shouldn’t have. Yes, Im all sweat, but that’s because I’m in heat.
#3 I wasted too much time chatting around. Barely eating. Just throwing smiles at everybody.

Yes, it is a fact that I reached the KM 102 in 17:17. It is indeed a better time than my last year’s 102K finish. But it is not a wise decision to make. I got carried away.

I shouldn’t have stopped. I didn’t eat there anyway. I shouldn’t really have.(THIS, I will remember always – not to repeat next year)

So enter the DOOM. There goes my cold body. The chilly wind got the better of me. I was shaking. Walking and trying hard to run – but can’t. After about 3 kilometers, and finally noticing how I hated it, I stopped to rest. Oh Yeah. ANOTHER BIG BIG Mistake.

#1 I gave in to the cold.
#2 I gave in to the call of sleep.

There. As I lie down and rested in the car, cramps started creeping in. I was shouting in pain. Yes, that’s literally shouting. Not yelling – but shouting.

Then I’m lost. I might have fallen asleep. ANOTHER big big mistake. I could have just taken a nap. Just a nap!

With PACER DAPHNE @Dolores Pampanga Stretch.

Now I looked like a struggling warrior in battle.


See the difference in the stride?

I took another 15-minute nap before heading on to the last 25 kms. It was indeed very refreshing. The Jollibee Sopas from Capas still warm to my recall.

I ate at McDonald’s Capas. It was a “pre-munched” spaghetti. I gobbled it down as hard as I can. Then off to the heat of the day.

With PACER JOEY @the Last 6 kilometer stretch.
Last 5 kilometers. The U-turn. Ice Cream and FUN Picture!

It was a gruelling run. The last 5 kilometers is where I felt everything. Tired. Sleepy. In Pain. Limping. It was also in the very last few meters to the finish line that I felt it all all-together.

It was a mixed emotion of everykind. I didn’t cry. I’m done with that. I was just so happy to have been able to complete the course. I might have come late. I may have missed the cut-off, but the experience is all worth it. Such an experience is a deep-well of treasure for me. I was able to conquer myself. I was able to cover the entire route where a lot did not. I was tested to be patient. I was tested to be persistent. I passed the test. I may have been declared an Unofficial Finisher, but I have this:

Finisher SHIRT, Medal and Trophy after 34 hours 5 minutes and 54 seconds
BR himself and my BORED friends

If I’m not proud of what I have, I must be very happy of the friends who waited. Till next year. The crusade for the buckle continues. Back-to-Back-to-Back. (Nonchalant Laugh). 🙂

All thanks and praise to God who was with me all the way. Saint Michael and another angel. 🙂 Glory!