The Year that Was

Today, the 27th of December marks the last 4 days of the present year.

It’s always nice to look back and reminisce about the best of the things this year has offered.

January 2012 – I bagged one of the hardest buckle to get. 🙂

2nd BDM 160K Ultra
2nd BDM 160K Ultra

February is a slack.

March 2012 – I finished the 2nd Tanay 50K Ultramarathon. One of the hardest short ultras. (for me).

April 2012 – I finished the 2nd Mayon 360 50-miles. One of the hottest and rainiest event of the year. (for me).

May to July is a slack. Lots of peak-bagging, though.

August 2012 – I finished the 2nd Fort Magsaysay to Dingalan Aurora 60K Ultramarathon. One of the hardest road ultras too. (for me).

September to October is a slack. Lots of cross-fits though.

November 2012 – I finished my 1st CM50 60K category. One of the toughest trail ultramarathon. (for me).

CM50 60K Category
CM50 60K Category

December 2012 – all slack. 🙂 Crossfits and meals! Hahahaha. Very few short runs.


My DAILYMILE got some stats.

The Last 12 months
The Last 12 months
Total for the YEAR 2012
Total for the YEAR 2012


On a 3-day per week training:

Day 1 20K @ target pace

Day 2 10K @ Threshold Pace (T)

Day 3 20K broken in three

  • 5K @ Threshold Pace (T)
  • 10K @ Easy Pace (E)
  • 5K @ Interval Pace (I)

Current VDOT is 34 to 36. Target VDOT is 38. 🙂

May the Lord bless this plan. May His guidance, and direction be with me. Amen.


A Lifeline to Africa Run

Rain4Africa, Lifeline Foundation’s response to the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time

On July 20 of this year, the United Nations officially declared the crisis in the Horn of Africa as a famine.  Tens of thousands have died, in fact more than 29,000 children under the age of 5 have died in the months of June to August. This famine was caused by excessive drought, back-to-back failed crop seasons, the 20-year civil war in Somalia and rising food and fuel prices worldwide.  More than 12 million people are affected in three countries and are in need of aid.   It is hard to wrap our minds around that figure; the idea of 12 million hungry people is almost too large to comprehend.  With the amount of bad news we get on a daily basis, it may just be too easy to turn a blind eye, especially because of the sheer numbers involved.   Some people may prefer not to face this horrific reality.  But face it we must.  We must choose to do just the opposite—we must choose to get shocked and horrified at these unthinkable statistics.  They must keep us awake at night.  They have got to bring out the best in humanity and spur us on to action.

Someone once said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  That’s exactly what Lifeline Foundation is doing, we are responding to the call for global aid.  We’re people who are just like you—students, businesspeople, doctors, nurses, dentists, teachers, musicians, engineers, counselors, graphic artists and writers who are all friends living in the city of Manila.  One of the things we live by is “Third world helping third world;” as we believe that the Philippines should not only be on the receiving end of aid.

On November 13, 2011 Lifeline Foundation is holding Rain4Africa, A Lifeline to Africa Run in Westgate Filinvest Alabang. 100% of the proceeds from this run will go directly to the World Food Program (  Race categories are 3k, 5k and 10 k, and registration is Php400 for all categories, inclusive of timing chip and race bib.  No loot bags, just care.  No singlets, but we do ask all participants to wear bright colors in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Africa.

According to the World Food Program, “50 cents a day is enough to feed a hungry child or a mother on the edge of survival.”  We can do this.  We can raise what is needed to save lives, to save the future.  Join us on November 13!  Call 8362514 or visit for more details about Rain4Africa.

After attending the blogger’s night and hearing about what is written above i felt so sorry for the people experiencing these droughts and famine.  We really can never compare (by way of imagination) how it is – when death is most prevalent.

The Initial Info

50 cents ($) is equal to about P 25.00. That is the amount needed to feed a person. They die of hunger. Hence, the response from Lifeline Foundation, and the call to all runners. What is 1 day of race and registration sent to a donation? It’s worth more than we can only imagine. For one, P 400.00 could feed more than 1 or 5 lives. For whatever it’s worth, I’m sure – the registration will save lives. If that’s not enough for a good reason…I don’t know what is.

See you there!

Let’s support this event.

It’s pure caring…

…in it’s simplest form.

Progressive Report

How things are going...

That was just a total of 130K in 1 month!

  • graveyard work just wont permit a long run after a duty
  • busy days just wont permit for a “sneak” run
  • both long distance event runs were “ON-Leave” runs
  • cross-training should effectively supplement my training

Looking forward to a productive October!

If all things would go as plan, by God’s grace, I’d just go with the flow. 🙂

Updated: October 5, 2011

I have to. Schedule is in so much conflict.

Shoes For All Occasions!

Here’s a toast to the shoes I use for a particular running distance. 🙂 Cheers!

I don’t usually change shoes. What I wear @ the Starting line is the same shoe I finish with.

The Adidas Pairs I use
For 5K and lower distances ONLY

I use this one on short runs only. I find it’s better use on my long walks – but no more than 5K too. It’s just too hard on my feet.  It’s a sure pain going beyond 5K.

21K up to 81K shoes!

I finished the following races with this one:

  • PAU Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija to Dingalan, Aurora 60K Ultramarathon. 1 blister though.
  • Mayon 360-degrees 50-miler. No blister.
  • First 66 kilometers of BDM 160K. No blister.  Some cramps.
  • Fat-Ass 2011 24-hour run. Was able to complete 88 kilometers. No blister.
21K up to infinity

Obviously, I prefer this one on my long distance runs. I like the wide toe-box and the cushioning. Feels light to me too!

  • MIM 42K. 1 blister. Same spot as PAU Fort Mag, and PAU 2nd T2N.
  • Last 85 kilometers of BDM 160K. Endured the blister acquired from the F50.
21K down. Speed shoes.

Now this one is my favorite (no offense meant to the Orange one – yes, I have an Orange while this one is Green) on Pikermis’ 10-milers and 5K to 10K short runs. First used this @ BDM 160K after KM 66. Was able to catch up on my time but I ended up with a big blister and a swollen foot. Blame it on the rocky road of Lubao.

I like this shoe best on my 10-milers and 5K runs. Was able to record good times with these. No blisters at all if 21K and below only on good road running surfaces.

Wet or dry – I run at almost the same speed (given the same condition at time of race). I regularly use this one on my weekday sprints. It’s just built for it.

Up for a good break-in is the Orange F50, and the ClimaCool. Watch-out for it.

Prepped for 5000

As of this DATE.

160 kilometers to go…:)

Lots of training runs on schedule…

2nd T2N on sight. = 50 kilometers

BDM 160 5-Man Relay on sight. = 32 kilometers

QCIM 2011? = 42 kilometers

MIM 2011? = 42  kilometers (when ba talaga?) LOL <registered ako dito eh!>

4,840 +

21K – NBA FIT 08.07.2011

9.45K Wave Prophecy Test run 08.09.2011

12K Wave Prophecy Test run 08.14.2011

7K ANR MOA run. 08.17.2011

4.86K 3rd Wave Prophecy Test Run. 08.22.2011

2.86K ANR MOA run. 08.24.2011

Totals = 4,897.17 🙂

+ 19.4K 4th Wave Prophecy Test Run. 08.28.2011
+ 12K ANR MOA 08.31.2011
+ 5K CSC R.A.C.E. Fun Run. 09.04.2011
+ 5K + 6K Training Runs 09.09 09.11
+ 4K ANR MOA 09.14.2011

Totals = 4,948.57 🙂

51.43 to go. I have a 50K run tomorrow (09.17.2011) T2N!

This 5000 is about 1.43 KM accomplished by next week.

+ 50.5K 2nd PAU T2N. 09.17.2011

+6.6K ANR moa Recovery Run. 09.21.2011

Totals = 5,005.67 <<<<< 

Thanks be to God!