CM42 race week

It’s the shorter bad-ass race next to the CM50 miles.

Anyone who is familiar to the route will agree that it’s not an easy one. Well, maybe to some really hardcore dude, this is just an easy run. But for me, (yeah, the likes of me) it is hard – yet doable.

I have done the 60K category of CM50, but I have not been to the peak. Attempts were made before but we ran out of time. We would just always lounge at the falls. While the elevation profile can make some people buckle, the majestic view above is beyond simple beautiful. It’s an awesome sight to behold!

On top of all that, it’s a quad-killer route. Yeah, some hamstrings died too. LOLS


Allow me to express some confusion here. The new route for this new event is the Explorac Trail Race Route. Add to it the Peak, the Falls and the initial ascent from Sapang Uwak (the route I am very mcuh familiar with)…and that’s it. That’s IT?

You can’t under-estimate this route. I for one will NOT. It’s a bit humid and very hot when the sun is so up. You won’t be able to buy anything anywhere except in Sapang Uwak. Well, the event has aid stations. They may be evenly apart at how many kilometers? Marshalls may abound. Will someone ever get lost? (I surely would like to hope I will NOT).

I don’t know if any racer know the entire new route. I think we are all equally unaware of the details. All I can bank on is my familiarity of the route from SCTEX tunnel to Sapang Uwak up and down to the Falls. Beyond that, I am a newbie too. Also, if I may mention – this is my first (1st) marathon for the year, since 2011.

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Therefore, I pray unto the Lord God of heaven and earth, to the Almighty Father who always took great care of me. May He bless this event, this run, me, my friends, and all the participants, the crew, the marshalls, the place, and the route. May He also lend me again, for the nth time, His great power and strength to enable me to finish not just happy and strong, but also free of any injury. Yes, in the name of Jesus, I pray.

See you all on Sunday!


4th Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM)


The 4th Quezon City International Marathon was launched today at Max’s in Quezon City Memorial Circle.
I got invited. It’s a BIG BIG event I look forward to each year.

The program was well attended and went to a smooth transition from Invocation to the Race Mechanics.

This event happens, again, on the first Sunday of December, like it has, for the last 3 years.

I have never missed a single QCIM, as a pacer. This time, I will be amongst the rest of the pack of runners.

Registration for the event starts on this 25th day of October up to the 26th of November.

So what’s new this time?

  • WITHOUTLIMITS is the Race Organizer, with Ian Alacar as the Race Director.
  • Lots of Registration Partners plus Online Registration (which starts Oct 23 up to the 26th of November)


Race Kit inclusions:

  • Singlet
  • Race BIB with B-Tag Chip
  • Safety Pins

Finishers of 21K shall be given a Finisher’s Medal.

Finishers of 42K shall be given a Finisher’s Medal and a Finisher’s Shirt.

Finisher’s loot bag shall also be given to all participants.

please read carefully

NO onsite registration for this event.


  1. Chris Sports SM North Annex
  2. Chris Sports SM Megamall
  3. Chris Sports SM Fairview
  4. Chris Sports SM MOA
  5. Chris Sports SM Manila
  6. Fitness & Athletics BGC, 9th Ave cor 2nd St.
  7. All Terra Cyclery Club 650, Eastwood Libis
  8. All Terra Cyclery MC Home Depot, Julia Vargas, Ortigas
  9. Runnex Office, UP Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman, QC.
  10. SM MOA – Field Residences Showroom
  11. SM Megamall – Blue Residences Showroom
  12. SM North EDSA – Grass Residences Showroom
  13. ONLINE Registration @ or click here. to go to the web site.

For further inquiries, contact Without Limits @ 383-7658 or email the Secretariat :

See you on race day! I will be BIB # 40007. 🙂 Thanks be to God!

Race For the Orphans


The Race For the Orphans is all-geared up for the staging of its February 12, 2012 run at the Camp Aguinaldo Grounds.
The AFP Educational Benefit System (AFPEBS) together with Rundezvous Events, Inc. have joined forforces for AFPEBS’s various programs which include law-mandated programs, such as the Republic Act 6963 which is the awarding of scholarships to dependents of soldiers who were killed-in-action. This specific law awards free tuition, miscellaneous fees and stipend every school year to approved grantees. The AFPEBSO takes pride in the fact that the continued support and assistance from generous partners has resulted to thousands of children sent to school.
More updates on the details, soon!
Let us support this noble cause.

Last Weeks

For me, it’s the last 2 to 3 weeks of hard training.

Base and Speed, before tapering.

The big day is near.

The mileage is low to medium low for me.

The intensity so far is quite high (for me).

My low is a relative low. My easy pace is a relative east too.

I give thanks and praise to God for guiding me and giving me the strength to train.

I have ran at almost all the time of the 24-hours.

I ran even after a graveyard work.

also after mid-shift.

“FELT Blah”  is something I never felt.

I make it a point to decide first what kind of run I’d be doing before I go out.

The decision really sets the mood.

Unless otherwise possible, I stick to my easy pace – that pace where I have no problem talking and I run with normal breathing.

Leg pains are temporary.

Calf-muscle cramps are normal.

Low mileage is better than no mileage.

Undertraining is better than overtraining.

Undertraining is good enough…compared to no training at all.

It’s easy to tell if one has committed the sin of overtraining. We all are responsible for our own being.

See the figure below.

The training done will prove itself effective on race day.

Let’s hope that everybody finishes “ON TIME”.


My Team

with Carlo, Vic, Chever, Marky and Mccoy + bandit Ronnel 🙂

One fine morning in U.P. oval

December 24, 2011

@ the BORING Xmas Party

Dave’s House in Marikina City.

December 17, 2011

(majority arrived when I left) 🙂

We have been running for so long already. If my memory serves me right, we already have ran an ultra distance even before the team formalized into a team of UltraRunners.

We’ve morphed from the fun distance of 5 and 10K to the more serious 21 and 42Ks. ..and we hungered for more.

Not that we are fast…

Not that we are too slow…

Not that we got too excited…

Maybe because we have gotten used to the boredom.

Maybe because we got challenged.

Maybe because we just loved to run.

Maybe because we enjoyed each others’ company.


For whatever reason, we are already a small team grown big. The growth was a bit proportionate to the distance we now cover. 🙂

Majority are ultrarunners. A good number have done 100Ks and 102Ks. Some have 160Ks on their belt.

This is my team.

Try to experience running with us.

See for yourself if we are worth the enjoyment running can offer.

We just dont get bored.

Really. 🙂

Why Recon?

KM 00 Mariveles to KM 102 San Fernando to KM 160 Capas

For many reasons, a runner and his crew MUST recon the route:

  • To orient the runner and crew on the right road of the race
  • To NOT get lost
  • To orient the runner on the elevation of the route
  • To orient the crew as to the location of food sources
  • To give a good idea to new runners of the route how long exactly is this route

So, recon.

Don’t leave your race to chance.

Good for you if you lost your runner and he continues on the right road. What if he took a wrong one?


Just some thoughts.

Trust me…if you are new to this route – you can really get lost.