Motivations of a Finisher


2nd BDM 102


1st BDM 160


2nd BDM 160



Watch Out

It’s September 17 already. It’s T2N day. It’s an ultramarathon 50K. Watch out!  (not in any particular order)

#1 Your hydration and meal plan.

Nothing NEW on race day. Don’t even try something you have not tried before! Well, of course you can – only be prepared for anything ODD that might happen.

#2 Your race strategy.

You cannot just go there and run along with anyone or anybody. You have to have some sort of  REALISTIC target. If you have trained well, then use that training. Otherwise, if you are undertrained, you might have to stick to your comfortable pace – not with the comfortable pace of OTHERS. And it’s not wise to start out fast when you are undertrained. Worst is to start out too fast for your own legs.

#3 Your mind-set.

Never doubt yourself than you can DO this! BUT…never underestimate the distance.

#4 Your plan B.

Never forget that in an ultra, there’s no one-single weather. You should have prepared for anything that might come – the heat, the cold, the breeze, the rain, etc.

Carry a small amount of cash should you be in a situation where you will need to buy something.

Don’t be shy to ask for help. You will remember this when you get there. 🙂

#5 You 3S-F

Shower. Shave. Show-up to Finish!

DNS is never an option. Unless you have an emergency.

…and I really do not see the point of not finishing when you are able to start. Unless of course you have an emergency. An injury or something equally painful to stop you. Otherwise, all other known excuses will not be accepted. 🙂

God bless the runners!

1 Corinthians 9:24

New International Reader’s Version (NIRV)

 24 In a race all the runners run. But only one gets the prize. You know that, don’t you? So run in a way that will get you the prize.

New International Reader’s Version (NIRV)Copyright © 1996, 1998 by Biblica

PAU T2N. Again!


Time to beat.

1st 10K then was in 65 minutes.
2nd 10K was 84 minutes.
3rd 10K was 91 minutes.
4th 10K was 107 minutes.
Next 5K took me 51 minutes. I really took my time. Saving much energy for the last push. There was really no need to hurry, I think. I’m still ahead of the target time.
Next 4K took me 48 minutes. I was thirsty at this point – having lost my support. Carried nothing. Thanks to Team CB when I stumbled upon them.
Last 1K = 8 minutes and 42 seconds. Ran and stopped to talk to some friends then sprint to finish.

I still can taste the finish line, then. I stompped on it.

Thanks to Marvin Pangan for this Shot!

But that was before. It was a cold November 14 of 2010.

Now, the 2nd PAU T2N will be on September 17. It could be cold, it could be very hot. But we’ll see. We can only plan. God is the one who implements things. 🙂 I am only borrowing my strength. But I do intend to run better this time. With that, I mean, faster. 🙂

May God Almighty bless this run and guide my ways, as always. Amen.

2nd PAU Long Run Adventure

At the Airport in Manila minutes before the flight to Laoag.

Notes from Master CJ
See the Newspaper

Up in the Air

At the airport in Laoag minutes after disembarking.

At the Church We did request for a special mass particular to our intention. The parish priest was just overwhelmed at our desire that he immediately agreed. The whole group handled everything. The Choir. The Church Goers. The Offerors. The Collectors. All – one of us.

While waiting for the others

The Sardines Imagine. We have to hire a jeep to carry ALL of us from the Airport to the Church and back to the Resort.

At the Starting Line.

Minutes before Gun Start

Along the Route

Photo courtesy of Michelle Logan

At the Rocks of Kapurpurawan Because we missed the camera man at the Burgos Lighthouse.

Aba! (Pang-Front-Runner ito ah!) LOL

Lunch courtesy of Doctor June and Doctora Mimi Sy

Right on Time!
Masarap na Igado!

At the Windmills of Bangui

The Stretch to Finish Line Since we all raced the last stretch, I was almost all alone until the last 8.1 kms.

I am the one half-naked.

The Heroes Our magnificent team of support for the mid and sweep pack. Thanks so much!

They endured the full route too...

Photos courtesy of Michelle Logan

This house is not a home

The Prize After the hard trails and pavement poundings for 70kms, I got the shirt. Will soon get what’s below.

Photo courtesy of Dennis aka Runningpinoy

Immortality – UPDATED

This is an EDITED and UPDATED RePost

Sometime in October, 2009, I retired my shoes at about 1,200 kms ++ of mileage. I intended to use it on casual walks by then. See the old blog here.

However, upon various travels and adventures at races with my NEWTON, I noticed how painful my feet are after the FULL Marathons. So it made me want to try again the retired one. I will definitely not use the NEWTON on an ultramarathon – my mind keeps on shouting…

…so I ended up reactivating in full service my retired shoes. And I am awed at it’s performance. Add to the 1,200++ the 102K, the 50K and some small races ranging from 5K to 21K. The shoes now have a whacking 2,328 mileage.

7 (now 8 and counting) 9 Full Marathons to date, and 2 Ultra Marathons (now 4 ultras namely – BDM, 1st PAU and 2nd PAU, Err…2nd BDM, 1st, 2nd and 4th PAU (that’s 50-70-50) I could only look back. I don’t change shoes in a race. No matter the distance. I start and end with what I wear. Happy to brag that in both shoes, I dont get blisters.

See the events with my shoes.

For the 4th PAU 50kms, I used the Pegasus +25 again.

Jumped and Stomped the Finish Line

For the 2nd PAU 65Kms + 5K Ultramarathon, I used my Anta Running Shoes.

50KMS 1st PAU Run 05.09.10. Finished in 7:47:50. In my NIKE Pegasus +25 at the finish line.

Biggest event: 102KMS Bataan Death March 2 International Ultramarathon 03.06.10 to 03.07.10 @ 17:54:10. In my NIKE Pegasus +25 a few meters to the finish line.

#09 42.195KMS 2nd QCIM December 5, 2010. IN my NEWTON Shoes. Easy run. Fast Time. No cramps. Just some minor build-up in my tendons.

Commercial RUN: @ the UNILAB 2 32K last November 21, 2010. I used my ANTA shoes.

Personal Pacer duty for Atty Morgan

#08 42.195KMS 34th MILO Marathon Manila Eliminations July 4, 2010. In my NEWTON Shoes. Again, the cramps.

#07 42.195KMS Condura Run 2010 Marathon February 7, 2010. In my NEWTON shoes. See how I cramped.

#06 42.195KMS Cebu Marathon – January 10, 2010. In my NEWTON shoes. See how I jogged while Ge is sprinting a few meters to the finish line.

Commercial: 32KMS Bald Runner’s RIZAL DAY RUN – December 30, 2009. In my NEWTON shoes. Near the finish line with Ziggy.

#05 42.195KMS Philippine Int’l Marathon – November 8, 2009. In my NEWTON Shoes. With the gang at a nearby fastfood after the race.

#04 42.195KMS SUBIC Int’l Marathon – October 24, 2009. In my NIKE PEGASUS +25. With the gang a few minutes and meters at the starting line.

#03 42.195KMS Quezon City Int’l Marathon – October 18, 2009. In my NIKE PEGASUS +25. With the beauteous Nene a few meters after crossing the finish line.

#02 42.195KMS 33rd Milo Marathon – July 5, 2009. In my NIKE PEGASUS +25. While passing the Takbo.Ph aid station…a triumphant sound of excited friends!

#01 42.195KMS BOTAK PAA-BILISAN – May 10, 2009. In my NIKE PEGASUS +25. A classic shot with Doc’s Sherwin and Roy.

Lessons LEARNED (not necessary remembered)

Pause for a while to enjoy the view. I did just that in the 1st PAU Run.

This shoe is immortal. Like the deity in it’s name.

Eat this in your run – it will save your life.

Yes. That is Marby’s DICED HOPIA. My favorite. (Am I seeing a sponsorship now?) It’s soft, and bite-sized. Easy to carry. Yet, filling! (Music played on the background)

Focus. It’s as important as the training you’ve done for any race. Play the video in your mind. All the recorded trainings you’ve done. Try it. It’s just in your head!

Consistency in training is the key to long-term success. Gradually improve. Gradually train. No injury is always a priority.

To taper? Reduce mileage, but not intensity.

Use the shoe you are comfortable running with. It’s really a romance of comfort and durability.

Don’t be intimidated by long distances but don’t underestimate it too. Preparation is the key. If you are not prepared, and you feel it – don’t go. There’s always next time.

ON Counquering the Hardest Route

1st PAU (Philippine Association of UltraRunners) Run last May 9, 2010 proved to be the hardest of them all.

It’s even harder than BDM 102, some say. I could only agree.

I still can recall the elation I felt when I crossed the 2nd BDM 102 finishline. It was bliss!

Minutes and hours pass after crossing the finish line and I still could smile and walk around and share the joy to so many people.

It’s a lot different when I crossed the 1st PAU RUn. It was pure joy…

…but minutes after some photo-ops, I felt great pain on my knee. I was wincing and grimacing.

It was an odd feeling. I was just so used to a big time cramps, but not a knee pain. Looking back at what I did, I guess it’s the downhill. Conquered fast but for a price. Add to that what seemed to be a never-ending uphill walk and run to the finish line. Unforgettable indeed!

Happy to have conquered the hardest route. Looking forward with great excitement to conquering what’s next.

Weekend Load

A presentation made in gallery form. Photo courtesy of Emil Ancheta.

07:00 hours 8th of May at Jollibee Kalentong

07:30 hours 8th of May

08:30 hours 8th of May

09:20 hours 8th of May

Cheers to all! Big thanks to all who came, who tried, and who joined us in spirit. Your support to such endeavor means a whole lot.

04:30 hours 9th of May in TANAY

05:00 hours 9th of May

06:00 to 10:00 hours

10:01 to 12:00 hours

12:01 to 12:40 hours

12:49 hours

Time Stopped

Thanks to our support crew. Without them, we would not be complete! 🙂

Above everything, thanks and pray to the LORD our GOD for a good day of running. We all were able to finish. Right at the nick of time.