Wilnar Iglesia
My very first race:
DZMM’s Takbo para sa Kalikasan 2009.

The reason why I run:

First it was out of curiosity, then pagtagal kaya naeenjoy ko tumakbo kasi madami nakikilala, then later ng nagkakaroon ng ultra sa ibat ibang lugar eh sumasali ako kasi ibang ruta at nakakagala din.


My Best time in a marathon:
unofficial: Condura 2012 kasi po itinakbo ko lang..pero unofficial pero yung official po ata na nasa akin nakapangalan eh 3:15 po ata di kasi po ako ngrerecord eh.


Running Statistics – Marathon vs Ultra:
I’ve done 10 marathons vs. 8 ultras

In your opinion, what’s the big difference between Marathon and a 50K ultra in terms of Preparation and Actual Racing?

In terms of actual racing the difference between a marathon and ultramarathon is the pacing..in marathon you’re more concerned about your speed, meaning its fast pace unlike in ultra marathon di ka mkakabilis agad dapat may tamang pacing ka na sundin you’re likely to do more combinations of slow running and fast walking.


In terms of preparation naman, the difference between the two are: Hydration/Nutrition – In the marathon there are aid stations , which gives the runner plenty of opportunity to make sure that there are plenty of fluids being drank. In an ultramarathon it is you and the course with aid stations few and far between. This leaves you with your hydration bag,  handheld bottle or hydration belt. Because of the length of time you are out there and the energy exerted you drink a ton more fluids than you would during a marathon. Additionally, you need to consume quite a bit more during the race. In a marathon you can get by with a few Gu’s if you want or even subsisting only on sports drinks and water. Not so with the ultramarathons, which entails packing some energy bars and other forms to consume a large quantity of calories.


Mileage base
Various methods have been proposed on how to effectively achieve this, what seems to be the common denominator among marathon and ultramarathon is that increasing the weekly mileage should be done gradually and in small increments. How far you can push this naturally depends on your current condition and state of mind. The focus of your mileage build-up depends on which of the two types of races you plan to enter. Long running is definitely the core training activity for ultras while improving time is probably the bigger issue for marathons.


This is a major consideration if you plan to do a marathon and an ultra. You need to put enough time between the events for your body to recover. Of course how much that is going to be entirely depends on how well your body heals.

What is your most memorable race, and why?

My most memorable race was the 1st bdm 160k kasi ang daming di ko ineexpect dun..like yung manalo, then dun ko naramdaman yung urge na magpatuloy sa pagtakbo kahit hirap na kasi alam mo na yung kasunod daw eh foreigner syempre ayaw mo na di pinoy yung manalo and yung support din ng runner friends na sumuporta sayo para mkasali sa race na yun.

1st BDM 160K Ultramarathon Champion

Also, He still holds the course record to date – UNBEATEN!

17 hours 35 minutes 48 seconds


5 Most recent races:
  1. EPIC Relay
  2. Mt. Ugo 100K
  3. SUBIT triathlon
  4. Wetshop triathlon
  5. Forbes Run
Latest Podium Finish:
Forbes Run: 5K Team Category(with Powerpuff boys)
EPIC Relay:250K All Men’s Category(with Powerpuff boys)


Probably the most loved athlete of all time…the guy who never brags about anything. Always humble and meek. The only guy I think is a member of a lot of teams. He is that easy to tag along with. Never scared of trying out something. Probably the most pictured guy too (next to Argo?) LOL. An idol to many, he is one tough guy who can amaze anyone. I picked the best only so as not to overload the blog with images. LOL 🙂 Enjoy!
Matagal na. #Orienteering @ Maragondon.
Matagal na. #Manila to Alabang Long Run.

Prior to this afternoon run that started at Luneta’s KM 0 @ 1:00pm, Wilnar joined the morning run in Sta Rosa, Laguna. 🙂

I told you madali yan ayain!

Matagal na. #Long Run from Manila to Marikina and back.
Matagal na rin. #Kumain lang yata si Wil dyan. LOL
Pasuquin to Pagudpud Ultra. Im almost bald here. 🙂
Team CB
Matagal na. After paddling with Aqua Fortis
Matagal na. 1st All-Terrain Race in Nuvali. With the Original Takbo.PH gang.
epic moment with Team CB @ the BDM 160K Finish Line

So much to posts…so many things to say about the humble guy. He has accomplished so much.

If you have carefully observed the pictures above – so many common faces in each one.

A Salute to a great guy!




My very first race:

Conquer Corregidor 2009.  Ang purpose ko lang ay makarating ng Corregidor Island “mura kasi” and not for the race itself.

16-mile run without training –  “mahirap ang walang tamang training”

The reason why I run:

Dahil sa hikayat ng ilang mga kaibigan, at dahil na rin sa ganda ng samahan ng grupo na aking nasamahan pinagpatuloy ko ang sport na ito.  Besides ako din ang mag benepisyo sa aking ginagawa….

@ Team Boring’s Training Ground

My Best time in a marathon:

Summit Water Camsur Marathon Sept 26 2010 Official Time: 5:33:06

Running Statistics – Marathon vs Ultra: 6 – 7


  1. Camsur Marathon 2010 & 2011
  2. Cebu International Marathon 2011
  3. Condura Skyway Marathon 2011
  4. Milo Manila Elimination 2011
  5. Quezon City International Marathon 2010
  1. P2P 65K  Pasuquin to Pagudpud 2010
  2. T2N 50K Tagaytay to Nasugbu  2010
  3. 3rd BDM 102K 2011
  4. Mayon 360  2011
  5. PAU 65K Western Pangasinan 2011
  6. Fatass 2012 12-hours category
  7. 2nd BDM 160K  2012

In your opinion, what’s the big difference between Marathon and a 50K ultra in terms of Preparation and Actual Racing?
Opinion ko lang: Ang pagtakbo ng Marathon ay sadyang iba kaysa 50K ultra. Dahil sa Marathon halos lahat ng kailangan ng isang Runner nandun na, “tubig, saging, marshal, minsan may GEL pa at kasama yan lahat sa REGISTRATION mo”, sa ULTRA bilbilhin mo lahat ng kailangan mo…. 🙂
Ayaw ko na ulit yung 1st race ko yung walang tamang training..hehe.. eto tumatakbo ako ng Tuesday to Thursday & Saturday ng 10K at yung sunday ko 15K+ at yung Monday at Friday rest naman, ginawa ko ito halos every week for MARATHON.. halos ganito rin ang traning ko sa ULTRA, yung 10K  gawin kong 15K, yung 15K+ gawing kong 20K+ at syempre 2 weeks bago ang RACE proper pahinga na. At sa  araw ng RACE mismo, nagsisimula ako sa slow at tinatapos ng slow. Sabi nga nila “finish strong with smile” at syempre determinado lang tapusin ang karera ng iyong buhay….

What is your most memorable race, and why?

Ang BDM 160. Balikan ko lang: 2010 una ako mag support sa TEAM CB. Hindi ko pa sila lahat kilala nun. Nag motor ako mula Manila hanggang Pampanga, at ng makita ko sila nasa Km #80, 2 ang runner nila nun si DOC at  RODEL,  sabi ko sa sarili “grabe hindi ko gagawin ang tumakbo ng ganun kahaba” – ayun BDM 102 year 2011 nakita ko sarili ko “tumatakbo ng ganun kahaba”. At ng sumunod na taon 2012 BDM 160 naman – dito ko naranasang umiyak habang naglalakad sa Km #115, nakatulala, mag tantrums –  “sorry eric sa iyo natapat” lol. Bawat bangko, o lugar na patag gusto ko matulog. Ito din yung “gusto mo pa pero ayaw mo na”. Sobrang nahirapan ako pero sa patnubay ng nasa itaas #ThankYouLord at sa mga support ko na sina BAVE, CRIS, ERIC, MANG RUDYat ang pinaka batang ultra support si QUILAN anak ni BAVE. + determinado kang matapos ang bagay na gusto mo.. CROSSING @ FINISH LINE….
nahiga at natulog
Sa nag Sponsor and Team CB, Hunyango Runners, Team Injury, ANR Tiende The Social Climers & AFV family.. #ThankYou
Crossing the Finishline
with BAVE
AFV Family
Hunyango Runners
The Social Climbers
Team CB
Team Injury

5 Most recent races:

  1. Milo Manila Elimination 2011
  2. Camsur Marathon  2011
  3. Fatass 2012 12-hours category
  4. 2nd BDM 160K  2012
  5. Hyundai Run For A Cause

Team Affiliation/(s):

Team CB
Team Injury
Jimmy Ong is by far one of jolliest people I’ve met.  Never a dull moment with this guy. I’m sure his whole team – numerous as they are – can attest to this. He is best described not in words but by pictures. A trekker, mountaineer, climber, volunteer and an ultrarunner.
with “THE LEGEND” Wilnar Iglesia

@ a disaster relief operation
A salute to a great guy!


Wesley Noel S. Oraña

My very first race:

1st ever Race joined: Globe Run for Home 2010 5K (36mins blah)

First Race to 42K

The reason why I run:

Late 2009 I experienced the plateau stage in working out and lack of discipline diverted me to heavy drinking and smoking with co-workers from the BPO industry, with a tough graveyard shift this resulted to uncontrolled appetite bloating to 202 lbs. Those Facebook photos of my cousin ultra runner JP Bautista convinced me to try the sport as sort of alternative and jumpstart so I can get back to the gym again. I used to call fun run as marathon when friends invited and registered me on the 5K category. LOL (hey it’s an honest mistake ok! hehe)

My Best time in a marathon:

Best Time for a Marathon: 5 hours 6 mins

Running Statistics – Marathon vs Ultra:


  1. 2nd Quezon City International Marathon(2010)
  2. 35th Milo Marathon Manila Elims 2011
  3. CamSur Marathon 2011
  4. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2011
  5. Condura Skyway Marathon 2011

 Ultra Marathons

  1. 1st PAU Tagaytay – Nasugbu 50K 2010
  2. PAU Fort Magsaysay Ultra Marathon 60K 2011 (cover picture)
  3. PAU Western Pangasinan Ultra Marathon 65K 2011
  4. 2nd PAU Tagaytay – Nasugbu 50K 2011
  5. Bataan Death March Test Run 50K 2011
  6. 2012 Bataan Death March 102

50K Ultra vs Marathon? 4 factors I consider:

  • nutrition

in a 50K, a good support system is a must

  • route

it’s an open road traffic (accident wise) vs the closed ones – race cones and tons of marshalls in a marathon.

  • psyche

if marathon takes preparedness after 30++ kms, in a 50K ultra its INSANITY. You can define yourself after 42kms…try it!

  • heat

J Heat, this is the part where a regular 42K race won’t offer.

What is your most memorable race, and why?

Bataan Death March 102KMs topped the charts for me. This foot race will change you to your core and I quote Sir Jonel Mendoza on this. Its damn true, take it or leave it. Paying tribute by literally running the actual death march route. The love for the sport, family, relationship, faith and history rolled into one big ultra race. A very unselfish race.

BDM 102K Starting Line with Team CB
@ the BDM 102K Finish Line
With “the” RD

5 Most recent races:

  1. Runrio Run United 2 21K June 2012
  2. BDM 102 March 2012
  3. Don Bosco Run 5K 2012
  4. Condura Skyway Marathon 42K 2012
  5. BDM Test Run 50K Jan 2012

Team Affiliation/(s):

Team CB and Six: 30 Running Group

Team CB @ Fort Magsaysay
six:30 Running Group

Here’s another fine example of someone who never gives up on a race – no matter how long. I was there when he crossed the BDM 102K finish line with his team CB-mates. I was also a witness to his enduring run @ the Fort Magsaysay to Dingalan, Aurora 60K ultramarathon. The heat is a big factor in any ultra event. Of course, NOT, when it rains. But this guy is tough. Don’t expect him to stop when the sun is up. Don’t expect him to slow down when the sun is gone.

In one of our memorable training runs inside the Team Boring’s training ground somewhere outside metro manila…:) Wesley in Red. Yours truly in Yellow.

A salute to a great guy!

IN Other News #002

4th BDM 102 Race Result is here >>> CLICK

186 started, 160 finished within the 18-hour cut-off. I will personally recognize here in my blog those who are not in the official result. They ran the full 102K route too. They shared the same heat, and dirt and dust. They have lots of stories to tell on why they come short of the time. To me, they are FINISHERS just like all the others. I believe they should be recognized too.

Major Teresa Gangan

Richard "BOO" Toledo

Stephanie Hefti

Yan Dizon

Cindy Sevilla w/ Reginald Santos

Brandy Simbe

Jing Guerrero

Nathaniel Domingo

To those who are not listed here, please feel free to inform me.

(Thanks Zaldy!)

(Thanks Mr. Nathaniel Domingo!)

Series of 2012 © mar marilag

Special Chopsuey

Sunday, October 24, 2010 @the KOTR event.

Before the event even started
Final smile before Gunstart

On the road with the DrunkenLilly

aNR Moa Leads
MOA and UP Team Leaders
Near the aNR Moa Booth
With Kampuger - leader of the Six:30 Group
With Kampuger, Ronnel Go. Leader of the Six:30 Group
Post Race with Patrick, Rene and Roselle
With Patrick, Rene and Roselle
Special FUN RUN Awarding
Special Awarding
Team Boring

Monday, October 25, 2010 @ Taytay, Rizal

Classic Shot
Very Yummy!
My Son having fun. Ziggy having a dream. LOL
Chibabam Time

Sunday, October 31, 2010 @ The Secret Training Ground

Short Intro and Briefing before we start
With the fast Doctor and Boring Girls
At the Gunstart. Leaders lead.
While Waiting for the Tail
While Waiting for the Tail again
While Waiting for the Tail again and again
Removing a Boulder
The Challenge. 🙂 Dip then go up 200m at almost 85 degrees
Going Up with Wes...
The Attendance. Add the 2 picture shooters.
Post-Run Pictures
Post-Run Pictures
Post-Run Self-Introduction
Post-Run Snack
Post-Run Kulitan (Tagal ng Food)
Post-Run Lamon (as in)

Thanks to JrGaring, Weslee Oraña, Ronnie Provido and Team Kamote for the pictures.