CM42 race week

It’s the shorter bad-ass race next to the CM50 miles.

Anyone who is familiar to the route will agree that it’s not an easy one. Well, maybe to some really hardcore dude, this is just an easy run. But for me, (yeah, the likes of me) it is hard – yet doable.

I have done the 60K category of CM50, but I have not been to the peak. Attempts were made before but we ran out of time. We would just always lounge at the falls. While the elevation profile can make some people buckle, the majestic view above is beyond simple beautiful. It’s an awesome sight to behold!

On top of all that, it’s a quad-killer route. Yeah, some hamstrings died too. LOLS


Allow me to express some confusion here. The new route for this new event is the Explorac Trail Race Route. Add to it the Peak, the Falls and the initial ascent from Sapang Uwak (the route I am very mcuh familiar with)…and that’s it. That’s IT?

You can’t under-estimate this route. I for one will NOT. It’s a bit humid and very hot when the sun is so up. You won’t be able to buy anything anywhere except in Sapang Uwak. Well, the event has aid stations. They may be evenly apart at how many kilometers? Marshalls may abound. Will someone ever get lost? (I surely would like to hope I will NOT).

I don’t know if any racer know the entire new route. I think we are all equally unaware of the details. All I can bank on is my familiarity of the route from SCTEX tunnel to Sapang Uwak up and down to the Falls. Beyond that, I am a newbie too. Also, if I may mention – this is my first (1st) marathon for the year, since 2011.

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Therefore, I pray unto the Lord God of heaven and earth, to the Almighty Father who always took great care of me. May He bless this event, this run, me, my friends, and all the participants, the crew, the marshalls, the place, and the route. May He also lend me again, for the nth time, His great power and strength to enable me to finish not just happy and strong, but also free of any injury. Yes, in the name of Jesus, I pray.

See you all on Sunday!

The Year that Was

Today, the 27th of December marks the last 4 days of the present year.

It’s always nice to look back and reminisce about the best of the things this year has offered.

January 2012 – I bagged one of the hardest buckle to get. 🙂

2nd BDM 160K Ultra
2nd BDM 160K Ultra

February is a slack.

March 2012 – I finished the 2nd Tanay 50K Ultramarathon. One of the hardest short ultras. (for me).

April 2012 – I finished the 2nd Mayon 360 50-miles. One of the hottest and rainiest event of the year. (for me).

May to July is a slack. Lots of peak-bagging, though.

August 2012 – I finished the 2nd Fort Magsaysay to Dingalan Aurora 60K Ultramarathon. One of the hardest road ultras too. (for me).

September to October is a slack. Lots of cross-fits though.

November 2012 – I finished my 1st CM50 60K category. One of the toughest trail ultramarathon. (for me).

CM50 60K Category
CM50 60K Category

December 2012 – all slack. 🙂 Crossfits and meals! Hahahaha. Very few short runs.


My DAILYMILE got some stats.

The Last 12 months
The Last 12 months
Total for the YEAR 2012
Total for the YEAR 2012

An Escape from the Usual

It was something I was actually looking for.

Away from everything.

Some private time alone.



Keeping alert.



Keeping patient.

Talking to God.

Thanksgiving and praising God for His wonderful creation.

Drinking mineral water straight from the mountain.

No worries for a while.

Making do with what I have.

Sharing the trails with friends.

Enjoying every minute of the rush down a steep slope.

Cold bath after.

Common meal that tastes so special due to hunger.

Dozing off even for a while.

Going home renewed and re-energized.



Running Logs

My Daily Mile shows 280 kms as of this day, the 22nd of February.

Nothing significant though.

Just thought of highlighting the shortest run of the year – a 3K – for the whole week! LOLz 😛

After hitting a high of 267 kms for January 2012, my current stats for February 2012 stands at 13 kms.

So much for the rest.

I will be running this coming weekend. It’ll be a start of something big!