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I feel funny.

After my DNF in the Alpha Trail 50K, I knew i’d be going to rehab – for therapy.

It never happened though.


After a few consultations – I started my strength training. . . then I joined Team Cavite ESE’s Challenge, again.

For a clearer picture of the challenge, allow me to explain further. (you can’t do anything anyways if you will disagree)

Last year, for the month’s of October and November 2013, we’ve had the same challenge. A 260-km Challenge. Simply put, it’s a challenge to complete 260 kilometers via run or walk in the shortest possible day and time. :)

Simply put, too, I bagged both month. I completed the October Challenge in 3 weeks, and the November Challenge in 2.

Now, April 2014 Challenge is a 300-kilometer Challenge. I am not in the best condition. I am having a lot of pain POST-RUN…

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Retired na daw…

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Switch Lunges x 20 – 30


Single Leg Hops Side to Side x 15

Single Leg Bounding x 2 – 3

Bench Taps x 20 – 40

Box Jumps x 10

Rocket Jumps x 10 – 15

Unclocked Efforts :)

1:1; 1:1:30;1:2

10-15-20-25 steady

hill climbs. :) well, a mountain is preferable

KEYS: consistency – all-out – bravery

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Some Guidance

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is everything.

BDM 102 is not your ordinary fun run.

The result will show the unprepared.

Had a meeting with JC Igos, the runner I will be supporting for this event. I will be his navigator.

key instructions

key instructions

This is the 2nd time at the same venue. The 1st time was a meeting for N2N 55K, where he end up as the champion.

Partly, we discussed the crucial parts of the route where a runner might get lost.

I am attaching here a map I made. It’s the most accurate so far.

Study and memorize the route.

See you at the Finish Line.


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Doing the Math


Race Week…a day before the big day.

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REQUIRED: a minimum average pace of 10 minutes 40 seconds per kilometer on the 1st & 2nd day.

1st Leg/Day—-90 Kilometers in 16 Hours. Finish Line @ Kilometer Post #90 in Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga

2nd Leg/Day—-90 Kilometers in 16 Hours. Finish Line @ Kilometer Post #180 in Urdaneta City (Pangasinan)

3rd Leg/Last Day—-70 Kilometers in 16 Hours. Finish Line @ Rizal Park, Burnham Park, Baguio City


Runners who will NOT be able to finish each leg within the prescribed cut-off time will be declared DNF. There will be Intermediary CHECKPOINTS along the way where the RD would declare a runner as a DNF if he/she could not pass the said point. These Checkpoints are unannounced places.


Each leg of the race shall start at exactly 1:00 AM and nobody will be exempted from wearing the necessary equipment like,

  • headlight/flashlight,(CHECK!)
  • reflective vest,(CHECK!)
  • and hydration system during the night run…

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On Foot

Manila to Baguio…


coming very soon.

On Foot.

February 7 to 9, 2014.

To God be the glory!

Result: 1st Naic To Nasugbu 55K Ultra Marathon Race


Reblogging the Result of the 1st Naic to Nasugbu 55 kms Ultramarathon.

I am one of the Finishers here.

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5:00 AM January 12, 2014

Starting Area: Municipal Plaza, Naic, Cavite

Finish Area: Petron Gasoline Station, Nasugbu, Batangas

Cut-Off Time: 10 Hours

Number Of Starters: 34 Runners

Number of Finishers: 34 Runners

Jc Igos (Champion, Male) 5:31:11      
Ariel Briones (1st Runner Up, Male) 6:02:52      
Enrique Sundiang (2nd Runner Up, Male) 6:06:23      
Rico Laplana 6:07:21      
Epoy Poblete 6:17:41      
Jan Imperio 6:19:08      
Paolo Osmeña 6:22:11      
Kenneth De Villa Mañibo 6:45:36      
Moises Moreno 6:50:01      
Enstein B. Calaoa Jr. 6:57:08      
Chips Dayrit 7:08:14      
Darryl Panado 7:08:17      
Emerson Sto. Domingo 7:09:26      
Tess Leono (Champion, Female) 7:09:52      
Werner Cruz 7:12:26      
JJ San Pascual 7:18:36      
Jon Ogsimer 7:20:21  

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Nice Article, Runner’s World!

Yup, I agree.

To beat the Holiday’s fattening season, a MILE a day is good enough.

…and that’s exactly what I plan to do for December. Daily Run – no matter how short or how fast.


It’s the streak of all streak! LOL


Just Completed


This morning, the 14th of November, I was able to complete the 260 kms Challenge.

As of this mornings run, total mileage is 260.95 kms from November 1 to 14, 2013.


All thanks and praise be to the Lord God Almighty!

Last Month

Just last month…

I bagged the first place for the Team Cavite ESE 260km Octoberian Challenge.



The challenge is fun.

It is also to my advantage since I am training with high mileage for my big event next year.

1376461_10201541475593278_1222974790_nAbove image is just a peak of how the race progressed…

But A. DABULL came in 2nd while J. SOLEDAD came 3rd. Yes, somebody flew so high with a very high mileage!

All thanks to the generosity of the RD JC Igos who took patient time to tally everything and make update almost daily.

For November, I am still in the lead with 41.5 kms remaining as of the morning of November 12, 2013. October took me 3 weeks. For this month, we can never tell how the others will fare from today. I am just definite that by the 15th of November, I am already finished, again. :) A good record for my training.

All glory, honor, thanks and praise be to the Lord God Almighty!


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But I like it a lot.



November has 4 weeks…and 2 days of Holidays to start with. :)

100 kms per week is doable and I have a BIG plan for this month.

I will also supplement my running with weights starting this month too…

that means I need more supplement for the body to cope up!


It’s a plan.

…and I like it!

God bless this one!

Yes, I really thought of a 400-km mileage for November. It’s my Birthday month too! I will turn 42.

Pwede na mag.marathon? !?



the micro of it all:
(per week)
1 long run @ easy pace
1 hill repeat at least twice a month
1 long intervals or repetitions
1 tempo of no less than 30 minutes

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