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My coaching for running shall commence next week, the 20th of October. I already have a group for a 21K training. They will be preparing for Condura.

MOA group is not yet finalized.



I hope interested people will advice me asap…I have to fix my schedule for the coaching and I have to meet with the runners to customize the program. I do cater to any level and distances.

To God be the glory.

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8 Reasons to Do Squat Exercises

8 Reasons to Do Squat Exercises.

Plan your holidays: 9 long weekends in 2015 | ABS-CBN News

Plan your holidays: 9 long weekends in 2015 | ABS-CBN News.

President Bill Clinton delivers keynote address at Skechers Global Conference

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Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

 MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. – President Bill Clinton delivered the keynote address at the annual Global Conference for SKECHERS USA, Inc. (NYSE:SKX), which was recently called “the hottest major (footwear) brand in the U.S.” by Princeton Retail Analysis*.

At the event held in Redondo Beach, CA on June 26, 2014, President Clinton spoke to 1,500 SKECHERS executives, team members and international partners about the importance of working together toward common goals for the sake of shared prosperity in the world. Using the successes of the Clinton Foundation in the context of ever-changing political and social challenges as his case-study, President Clinton said, “Within America, all over the world, people who believe in win-win scenarios, who really are trying to build networks of creative cooperation are making good things happen.”

At the conclusion of his remarks, President Clinton sat…

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Out of the Ordinary

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Friday night to Saturday morning intercession is an ordinary thing to me and my family. We’ve been doing this for many years now. The days that follow, is something else. Way out of the ordinary. :)

Sunday, 8th of June 2014

We prepared early and went deliberately early to Church. River of God Galleria. We had an early talk with Pastor Rachel. We closed with her praying for us. She introduced us to a celebrity. :) Then the service started. We were prayed over by the same celebrity. :) Of course, that’s not ordinary! And here’s more! Another celebrity sat in front of me! You know that…you will shake hand with everyone around you. And we did! :)

Amazing service. There was an altar call and there was a loud cry from a lot of people. The presence of the Lord does make wonders.

Ok, done with the service. Praise…

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Le’Dawn 10-in-1 Coffee

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This day of May, I with my loving wife became a Dealer for Le’ Dawn Coffee.

By God’s grace, we have decided to make it our business.

With a 5 x 5 Marketing Scheme as Business Model – I believe it will work. All that is needed is a P 200.00 for the purchase of the product (1 box of 10 sachets).

I get to use for my own consumption the one I bought, I could also sell to anyone,  and/or help others by making them my dealer. It’s a good business – if one would just work for it.

May the Lord bless the work of our hands.



An organic-based herbal coffee with a fine taste.

Not sweet nor bitter.

Creamy even without so much Froth.

The Contents


This 10-in-1 healthy coffee is a superb blend of rich coffee, non-dairy creamer, sucralose, plus exceptional herbal…

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What Keeps You Busy?

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I wonder.

I work Mondays to Fridays from 10:00pm to 6:30am.

Almost always too sleepy after a duty.

I don’t get to run as often as I used to.

By the time I get home, I would normally go straight to bed.

But this is a not-so-good time to do that here in Manila. It’s just too hot!

You’d be bathing in your own sweat if you are not in an air-conditioned room. An industrial electric fan is not enough – since the air it be blowing you is also hot. :)

It is a matter of getting-used-to-it now.

Who can make me stay awake when I am all too sleepy?

Not the city noise. Not even the heat.

But sometimes, it does.

I would always schedule an afternoon run at these times but still, I fail to execute.

The heat of the sun even at 5:00 pm can still…

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My Month of April

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2014, that is.

It’s a month full of action. :)

1st Week

Up in Balagbag's Trail

Up in Balagbag’s Trail (6th of April 2014)

2nd Week

I busy myself piling-up some mileage. :)

3rd Week

Boring's Visita Iglesia - Holy Week of 2014

Boring’s Visita Iglesia – Holy Week of 2014


Completed a MARATHON Challenge @ Strava

Completed a MARATHON Challenge @ Strava

Completed the 300-km Challenge

Completed the 300-km Challenge (20th of April 2014)

I also attended with my whole family the 3-day 25th National Prayer Gathering of the Intercessors for the Philippines at Cuneta Astrodome (17th to 19th of April 2014)

Dr Frank Abram - a descendant of Abraham

Dr Frank Abram – a descendant of Abraham


Prior to this BIG Event, we also attended the Celebration of the Passover at CLSF Mandaluyong (14th of April 2014)

4th Week

Sweeper / Marshall for the Dash for the Orphans 21K Uphill Challenge

Sweeper / Marshall for the Dash for the Orphans 21K Uphill Challenge


I thank God for the wonderful blessing.

I am doing exactly the things I love to do – praising and proclaiming His glory, and running (hiking too)!

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Ligaya Drive Revisited


:) hmmmm

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I can’t really remember when the last time was. I dare not check and find out. All I did was take with me the memory of the last.


See the mapped details via My Tracks : 17.32 kms in 3 hours 10 minutes and 44 seconds.

Map is best viewed @ Terrain for you to appreciate the elevation of the route.

At past 4 am we touched-down at Olivarez Plaza in Tagaytay. Went to McDo for breakfast before the run. About 5.02am, we started moving. Walk first.

didnt rest to stop until we reach this

The RUNTASTIC details of the first 7K of the run before u-turn @ KM7.4 is as follows:

1st km in 10 minutes 20 seconds @ speed of 5.8 kph

2nd km in 7 minutes 21 seconds @ speed of 8.1 kph

3rd km in 7 minutes 18 seconds @ speed of 8.2 kph


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I wrote sometime in February 2012:

So far, after a few runs with the new shoe:

  • very nice cushioning. you can actually feel the soft cushioning while walking or running.
  • for a neutral pronator, like me, this shoe works just fine.
  • aside from it’s nice look, i like the wide toe box.

We’d find out more when or where or what hotspots will (if ever) develop, and some more. Soon, we will find out. After a few more runs, at different distances.

  • Enough firm cushioning to protect your body from impact forces?
  • A supportive shoe that bends at the forefoot, not at the arch?
  • A comfortable shoe with a superb balance of cushioning and support?
  • A well-cushioned lightweight shoe with a touch of stability?
  • A light, well-cushioned platform and an upper that’s snugly holds the instep?
  • A light and comfortable trainer with moderate cushioning and support?
  • A stable ride that isn’t too soft or too heavy?
  • A shoe that feels barely there yet provides balanced cushioning?

Now, with 310 kms of mileage, I can easily answer my own questions. :)

  1. There’s not much cushioning in it. After a few kilometers past 3-kms, the pain would start to surface.
  2. Yes, it bends on the forefoot – which is nice.
  3. There’s really not much cushioning and support. The heel counter is a bit tough though.
  4. It’s not lightweight at all. I don’t find any stability – but it’s a tough shoe.
  5. I use it as a trainer. I don’t think it’s even close to being moderate.
  6. It’s a heavy shoe – in the long run. :)
  7. Again, not much cushioning.

If it’s good at anything – it’s good for a short speed run. 3K at least. Go at your max effort and it will take you. Going beyond – makes me feel foot pain.

It looks good too. I like the color combination, and the lacing.

I like to walk with it too.


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